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JKM 2.0 TSI Tuning

If you have any questions on this conversion or any products listed, please contact JKM by clicking on this link

For the customer who wants SIGNIFICANTLY MORE POWER & TORQUE from their 2.0 TSI engine.
Upgrade your 2.0 TSI engines K03 turbo to a K04 at JKM Performance.
You will make significant gains in power and torque AND retain the TSI engines smoothness and daily usable drive qualities.

The JKM K04 upgrade provides superb acceleration in any gear - with the minimum of turbo lag! This conversion will provide you with the best all round combination of torque and horsepower - exploiting this fantastic engine and ever more importantly this conversion will remain economical when driven sensibly.

The JKM TSI K03 to K04 upgrade package
will change the key performance enhancing hardware components fitted on the 2.0 TSI engine - over to those of the higher powered Audi S3/Golf R items.
This conversion is very OEM in appearnce and is completely reversable should you choose to revert back to standard in the future.

JKM K04 TSI Power

Results shown are 'typical' from this upgrade, many factors such as fuel grade etc will influence the power produced. 'Other' companies dynos may show higher or lower results!

Typical BHP seen on JKM Dyno: 355 to 366 BHP
Typical Torque seen on JKM Dyno: 340 to 355 Ft/Lb
JKM K04 AFR Plot
K04 conversion - Air Fuel Ratio
JKM K04 Boost
2.0 TSI K04 conversion - Turbo Boost

Listed below is an outline of the key hardware and software components in the conversion from JKM. This conversion has been extensivily proven for reliabilty and durabilty by JKM Performance at numerous Track days and top speed trials in the UK. This is the best all round conversion for the TSI engine to give top performance, with everyday usability.

REVO 2.0 TSI K04 Turbocharger.
REVO Software for the K04 Turbocharger / 2.0 TSI.
REVO 2.0 TSI Intake System.
Audi S3 intercooler and required pipe work.
Milltek Hi Flow Cat and Downpipe to suit
Milltek Cat Back Non Resonated Exhaust System.
Torque Arm insert.
Before and After Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road Power run tests!
(2wd only)
Substantial Road tesing and Data logging.
All Labour for a complete Standard car drive in, K04 conversion car drive out.

NOW WITH £200 + VAT OFF UNTIL 31st JULY 2015
K04 Conversion price....was from £4400+Vat

NOW £4200+VAT

( please contact JKM for an exact quote on your model )

Click to Enlarge K04 Turbocharger fitted onto the JKM Octavia VRS 2.0 TSI

Fitting a K04 conversion is an excellent conversion and highly recomended - to complement this JKM would highly recomend the following Transmission components are also used.
This will allow you to make full use of the increased power. Again all of these items
have been extensivily proven for reliabilty and durabilty by JKM Performance at numerous Track days and top speed trials in the UK

1) REVO Engine Mount Set.

2) WAVETRAC Differential.
3) Differential Bolt Kit.
4) SACHS Performance Clutch Kit.
5) ClutchSlave Cylinder.
5) All required Seals and Gearbox oil.
6) Full Installation labour
TSI Transmission upgrade...from £2000+Vat ( please contact JKM for an exact quote on your model)
Wavtrac Differential
WAVETRAC differential Installation

Please note that JKM reserve the right to change prices and any promotion details without notice.
Other Exhaust options may be available - please contact JKM for information
Contact JKM if you have hardware components or software already fitted.

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