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Ford Performance software from Revotechnik

V.A.G Performance software from Revotechnik


JKM are an authorised and highly experienced distributor of Revo Technik software upgrades.
Revo Technik produce market leading performance software tuning products for Turbo Petrol & Turbo Diesel models of the Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda Group, collectivity known as the V.A.G Group.

JKM are pleased to be distributors of Revo's excellent Ford Performance software

is is a substanially developed, highly effective performance software for various applications. One of the key differences is that Revo software offers the ability to simply switch the performance mode 'on' or 'off' at your leisure from the comfort of the driving seat! (Switching is done via an optional SPS device).

VAG Performance Software
Revo Performance Software
DSG Transmission Software
Revo Serial Port Switches
Frequently Asked Questions

Revo Serial Port Programming allows us to reprogram your Engine Control Unit (ECU) for more power.
The Revo performance code is uploaded via the factory OBD2 serial diagnostic port onto the stock ECU, giving your car stunning performance - typically in under 60 minutes from begining to end!
The 'serial port' programming method allows us to reprogram the ECU without even raising the bonnet! However we usually will just to check all appears fine (before we start) and we always data log the engines various sensors before and after the installation to ensure that all is operating correctly and within tollerance.

No soldering to the ECU circuit board or special encryption boards needed
Invisible to man and fault diagnostic machine (Also any future diagnostic codes will still report accurately)
Ability to switch performance levels quickly and simply by the 'in car' diagnostic OBD2 Port
Variable* boost and timing adjustments (*Only on certain models, adjustment intended to allow for different fuel grades etc )
Anti Theft mode* that disables the ECU even if the thief has the car keys ! (Only on certain models)
Ability to revert back to standard at any time, either temporally by an SPS or permanently by a stock 're-flash' by JKM

For the latest Revo Technik news and additions to the range visit www.revotechnik.com

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