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JKM Offer - FREE mapping Vouchers with Emerald ECU's

JKM can supply, install and Calibrate many 'Stand Alone' programmable Engine management units.
These are generally intended for use on competition vehicles but they also have applications for high performance modified road vehicles. All systems can be installed and calibrated in house by JKM at very competitive prices.
If you have a special requirement on installation such as bulkhead connectors for quick and simple engine removal etc JKM can accommodate these special installation requirements, contact us for more advise if you have a special requirement.

JKM can advise a suitable system to be fitted to most engines or to achieve your requests. Usually on a modern engine the existing crankshaft, Coolant, Air temp and other sensors can be re-used. If this is not the case then we can provide a full range of sensors such as temperature, crankshaft including installation of suitable trigger wheels, pressure sensors etc.

The Emerald K6 engine management system handles full 3D mapping of both ignition and injection on normally-aspirated and forced induction engines. It is easily programmable and highly flexible to adapt to existing engine installations and sensors. These factors make the Emerald system a particularly good choice for people who wish to convert over to mapped ignition and/or fuel injection.

The new K6 ECU is the most significant step forward for Emerald in over a decade of ECU design, development and manufacture. The new firmware and software packages take Emerald into a realm where it can stand comparison with systems costing up to three times as much. For example the K6 has a CAN bus (Controller Area Network) and now links direct to the AIM dashboard.

Below is just a preview of some the capabilities of the Emerald system, for a full overview visit the Emerald website. which can be found > Here <

Emerald K6 ECU System............. £ 595.00 + Vat
Installation Service.........................£ POA
    Click to Enlarge - Emerald K3 ECU System

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Emerald K6 Screen Shot
Control mode selection - Adaptive Mapping

The 16 x 32 cell Feedback mode table allows you to set the mode of operation (open loop, closed loop, adaptive) for any speed or load site.
Emerald K6 Screen Shot
AFR Target Selection - Adaptive Mapping

The 16 x 32 cell AFR target table allows you to set the desired AFR that you wish the ECU to target for any given speed or load site.
Emerald K6 Screen Shot
Sensor Calibration (if required)

The ECU’s air, coolant and auxiliary temperature sensor inputs can be calibrated to read from many different sensor types.
Out of range sensor readings and/or a failed sensor can be detected.
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Emerald K6 Screen Shot
Triple Map Selection Switch

The ECU can store up to three completely separate maps. If set to do so the ECU will allow you to freely switch between maps on-the-fly. The mapping software also holds three maps in memory and switch maps in sync with the ECU.
Emerald K6 Screen Shot
Adjustable speed site positions

The Emerald Contains 32 speed sites (rpm)
Speed sites are adjustable to a resolution of
1 rpm (one rpm).
Emerald K6 Screen Shot
Adjustable Load Site postions

Load Sites are user configurable
Throttle position based : Adjustable to a resolution of 1% MAP sensor based : Adjustable to a pressure of 1 KPa.

JKM Stages 1, 2 and 3
Emerald K3 Manual 800KB
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JKM ECU Tuning Stages 1, 2 & 3
Click Above to view the Emerald K3 Manual. You will need PDF viewer.

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