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Dyno Diagnostics
Rolling Road Days
Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road
JKM take rolling road tuning seriously, We house our rolling road in its own sole purpose building that contains special cooling and extraction systems - some pictures are available to view in our gallery section here
Our Rolling Road is a 2 wheel drive Dyno Dynamics, that is able to accurately graph up to 1200 BHP & 1500 Ft/Lb Torque (estimated flywheel).
Due to the supreme accuracy of the Dyno Dynamics rolling road, Power & Torque measurements can repeatability be made to a decimal accuracy of 0.1
Measurements can be made in Pferdestarke (PS), Killawatts (KW), Brake Horse power (BHP) and Torque in Pound Feet (FT/Lb) or Newton Meters (Nm). Boost pressure in PSI, BAR or KPA. Fueling as Air : Fuel ratio (AFR) or Lambda etc....

Outlined below are some of the Rolling Road services that JKM offer, these are besides our Stand Alone ECU Tuning Services. Please contact
us if you have a question on our rolling road or if you wish to book a date and time for a service listed.
Edition 30 Golf 230PS Measured in BHP
Edition 30 Golf 230PS Measured in PS
Rolling Road Dyno Wheel
Example Dyno Graph Stage 2+ K03
Rolling Road Day

Dyno Diagnostics
Rolling Road Days
JKM Technical Information

Have your cars power and torque measured on our 2 Wheel Drive | 1200 BHP | 1500 Ft/Lb Rolling road.
3 Back to Back full throttle power runs measuring Power, Torque and wide band Air to Fuel ratio at the exhaust tail pipe. (Plus Turbo Boost Pressure where applicable)
On completion we will provide you with a colour print out of the best run, and comment & explain the results.
Power Runs start from £70.00 plus VAT - For more information on this service please....contact JKM

Due to the diagnostic experience at JKM, along with our specialist in house equipment JKM offer a host of unique fault diagnosis services performed on our Dynamometer. For example :
The ability to drive a vehicle in any simulated road scenario up to 150MPH whilst having most workshop 'only' diagnostic equipment simultaneously connected to the vehicle.
Accurately measure the Air to Fuel ratio of any engine whilst being held at any load condition using our precision high speed wide band O2 sensor.
The ability to visualize a fault (For example a turbo pipe leak) on the engine under investigation.
JKM are happy to offer 'rolling road day' events for most road car groups & clubs. We have ample secure parking on our premises and we also provide FREE tea, coffee and biscuits for most rolling road day events. We ask for a minimum of 10 cars, the maximum per day will vary depending on the type(s) of car.

On Dyno days we run with the Dynamometer configured in 'ShootOut' mode for consistent and comparable results (with other Dyno Dynamics Rolling Roads).

For Results and pictures of previous rolling road day events (though not all) please visit our Gallery section at the link Here
JKM have put together a Technical artical on the 'Rolling road' process, to try and explain more about what happens when your car is tested, and where 'errors' can creep into the process.
To see this 'in progress' technical report please click ....on this link

This area is under construction and will be updated with more information when time permits.

.........Work in Progress

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